Commit 0f65560f authored by Nadim Kobeissi's avatar Nadim Kobeissi 💾
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Update Makefile

parent 1726fb8d
......@@ -34,8 +34,12 @@ html:
@/bin/echo -n "[NoiseExplorer] Cleaning up... "
@rm -f parser/noiseParser.js
@rm -rf ../implementations/rs/target
@rm -rf ../implementations/rs/*/target
@rm -f ../implementations/rs/*/Cargo.lock
@rm -rf ../implementations/wasm/target
@rm -rf ../implementations/wasm/*/target
@rm -f ../implementations/wasm/*/Cargo.lock
@/bin/echo " OK."
.PHONY: dependencies parser models implementations wasm tests html clean
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