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In order to launch an analysis, open the Visual Studio Code Command Palette (`Ctrl+Shift+P` on Windows and Linux, `⌘+Shift+P` on macOS) and search for the _"Verifpal: Run Attacker Analysis"_ command. **It is recommended that this feature not be used for models which take a long time to be analyzed.** Using Verifpal in the command line for more complex models will likely yield a better workflow since you will not be able to edit your model while analysis is running.
Verifpal for Visual Studio Code may be configured via the following options in your Visual Studio Code User Settings file:
- `verifpal.enabled`: enables or disables IDE features. (eg. `true`)
- `verifpal.path`: Sets the path for the Verifpal binary on your computer. (eg. `/usr/local/bin/verifpal`)
## Discussion
Sign up to the [Verifpal Mailing List](https://lists.symbolic.software/mailman/listinfo/verifpal) to stay informed on the latest news and announcements regarding Verifpal, and to participate in Verifpal discussions.
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