Commit 039b6cdd authored by drone's avatar drone Committed by Nadim Kobeissi
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Brew formula update for verifpal version v0.22.0

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# typed: false
# frozen_string_literal: true
# This file was generated by GoReleaser. DO NOT EDIT.
class Verifpal < Formula
desc "Cryptographic protocol analysis for students and engineers."
homepage ""
version "0.21.5"
version "0.22.0"
bottle :unneeded
if OS.mac?
url ""
sha256 "8176f74c340b349189bbd4b8109629e59139f3bfb8ab93223250d3ba4e339841"
if OS.mac? &&
url ""
sha256 "1480e45c33f2cd51ad0962228ee88593cda8d6682d23c533ef8c315ba26fccd5"
if OS.mac? && Hardware::CPU.arm?
url ""
sha256 "3fb3d5f8d503aae7e759f4f16effab041e45224a9c6a03bd659a479a23329524"
if OS.linux? &&
url ""
sha256 "7897722025bcddb31c2053c7c89d883c3f3d8ffdb7930b984a3a17d9fcdfa497"
url ""
sha256 "320fd28b2736936634aaa4001533e52e841fab72ef1f4f577137d1e4f94dca6e"
if OS.linux? && Hardware::CPU.arm? && Hardware::CPU.is_64_bit?
url ""
sha256 "d2ee840ec348afa18925f578e16b4165d055c0d5c0907831756b60c9cc0608ba"
url ""
sha256 "316629304740e26d40677f5c2b48237a85a216f49600440b837c0e3c17269230"
def install
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