Commit 27b2af68 authored by drone's avatar drone Committed by Nadim Kobeissi

Brew formula update for verifpal version v0.18.1

parent 5a72b0d9
Pipeline #682 canceled with stages
......@@ -2,16 +2,16 @@
class Verifpal < Formula
desc "Cryptographic protocol analysis for students and engineers."
homepage ""
version "0.18.0"
version "0.18.1"
bottle :unneeded
if OS.mac?
url ""
sha256 "c7664ad86425eba91ecb087cbde8b5b8d007829f1c33798453c7c9901a4c07c0"
url ""
sha256 "3a2dc654f331909140fea1a0209870e0e52746aac8a01ccdefd048fb6abafa03"
elsif OS.linux?
url ""
sha256 "da4fee32c006be53d58b5f6ecfe092dffbbc61aad78e8dfb5befdc2dd7e56a15"
url ""
sha256 "9e9ede0c8e59391475870953a10ae5de9ba41529dfd8c1e0e3747e73e3d012bf"
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