Commit a595f8d4 authored by drone's avatar drone Committed by Nadim Kobeissi

Brew formula update for verifpal version v0.15.0

parent bf444ef1
Pipeline #523 canceled with stages
......@@ -2,16 +2,16 @@
class Verifpal < Formula
desc "Cryptographic protocol analysis for students and engineers."
homepage ""
version "0.14.9"
version "0.15.0"
bottle :unneeded
if OS.mac?
url ""
sha256 "6e057a67469a0d34819f7d509ac010be40506623ec66b0bb6dfa8f6cbbea2a26"
url ""
sha256 "ff95f1767a6c04f715a737ce7cb3a97862e9e3e3ae341fd0abccbe3fea4646e8"
elsif OS.linux?
url ""
sha256 "99f75a5702407d90e9bbac2b64747775b73a6fd0f9ed25b95a9a9e8e8105ed26"
url ""
sha256 "b8b5fd2b38193de43fc4b153e8a2afda6555e7c127738259d0f5f01bc4019c8a"
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