Commit cb8c9cef authored by drone's avatar drone Committed by Nadim Kobeissi

Brew formula update for verifpal version v0.17.5

parent 1e47afba
Pipeline #617 canceled with stages
......@@ -2,16 +2,16 @@
class Verifpal < Formula
desc "Cryptographic protocol analysis for students and engineers."
homepage ""
version "0.17.4"
version "0.17.5"
bottle :unneeded
if OS.mac?
url ""
sha256 "886633b72d57e617085202be7a3ae1568ccec73e82fad66ccd08051a07322a3e"
url ""
sha256 "7d194cb2e8d94a8f73c0ccc897e9d045171d6a68a7dc723c3b72c51e681e2c4a"
elsif OS.linux?
url ""
sha256 "f542aa87d805f1de269e43caec970cf588969f7f6567ce3044668d7a730de621"
url ""
sha256 "8906ba88304f4c47a5b25fadaa50fb2217ba54750343c3773e301598159ff262"
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