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      Reorganize project structure into "lib" internals · 36b8e6eb
      Nadim Kobeissi authored
      In order to accomodate the fact that Verifpal will now be translating to
      Coq, ProVerif and soon Go, the project structure inside the `internal`
      folder is now such that we have Verifpal's code itself and a bunch of
      "lib" folders:
      - libpeg implements the Verifpal grammar in Peg and generates the
      Verifpal model parser.
      - libcoq implements the Verifpal Coq library/header.
      - libpv implements the Verifpal ProVerif headers.
      - libgo will implement the Verifpal Go implementation headers etc.
      Whenever a "lib" is compiled, the resulting artifact goes in
      The Makefile should hopefully compile these libs whenever is necessary
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      Coq · 0c13b526
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