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  • v0.23.3   Verifpal 0.23.3 Verifpal 0.23.3 fixes a crash that could sometimes occur with models that use the `password` value type.
    344cd82e · Verifpal 0.23.3 ·
    Release v0.23.3
  • v0.23.2   Verifpal 0.23.2 Verifpal 0.23.2 fixes a crash that could sometimes occur with models that use the `password` value type.
    60caac7a · Verifpal 0.23.2 ·
    Release v0.23.2
  • v0.23.1   Verifpal 0.23.1 Verifpal 0.23.1 fixes a crash that could sometimes occur with models that use the `password` value type.
    3702bf19 · Verifpal 0.23.1 ·
    Release v0.23.1
  • v0.23.0   Verifpal 0.23.0 Verifpal 0.23.0 introduces equivalence queries. For many protocols, it could be useful to check whether shared secrets derived between Alice and Bob are equivalent in all completed executions of the protocol. Equivalence queries check whether any protocol scenario can be derived such that the given values are not equivalent to one another. For example, one could use the following query to check if shared secrets calculated by Alice and Bob will always be equivalent in all protocol executions: equivalence? ss_a, ss_b
    d2cffd82 · Verifpal 0.23.0 ·
    Release v0.23.0
  • v0.22.0   Verifpal 0.22.0 Verifpal 0.22.0 provides native support for the new Apple Silicon platform.
    4e901ed9 · Verifpal 0.22.0 ·
    Release v0.22.0
  • v0.21.5   Verifpal 0.21.5 Verifpal 0.21.5 brings analysis bug fixes thanks to feedback from Friedrich Wiemer.
    45f850bf · Verifpal 0.21.5 ·
    Release v0.21.5
  • v0.21.4   Verifpal 0.21.4 Verifpal 0.21.4 brings analysis bug fixes.
    7fdf5704 · Verifpal 0.21.4 ·
    Release v0.21.4
  • v0.21.3   Verifpal 0.21.3 Verifpal 0.21.3 brings further performance improvements to analysis speeds and some analysis bug fixes.
    75544133 · Verifpal 0.21.3 ·
    Release v0.21.3
  • v0.21.2   Verifpal 0.21.2 Verifpal 0.21.2 brings further performance improvements to analysis speeds.
    172d9936 · Verifpal 0.21.2 ·
    Release v0.21.2
  • v0.21.1   Verifpal 0.21.1 Verifpal 0.21.1 brings further performance improvements by improving multithreading strategies.
    60499ce7 · Verifpal 0.21.1 ·
    Release v0.21.1
  • v0.21.0   Verifpal 0.21.0 Verifpal 0.21.0 brings strong performance improvements due to the elimination of string comparison operations from the analysis logic. Verifpal now assigns uint16 IDs for all string values (constant names, principal names, value qualifiers and attributes, etc.) before analysis and compares those instead of comparing strings. The resulting performance benefits are quite substantial, ranging between 20% and 33% depending on the model being analyzed. No change was made to the analysis logic itself, aside from eliminating string comparison operations.
    7d3dbc3c · Verifpal 0.21.0 ·
    Release v0.21.0
  • v0.20.1   Verifpal 0.20.1 Verifpal 0.20.1 fixes a serious bug that prevented attackers from learning values with the `password` qualifiers even when leaked directly. Definitely update. Thanks to "Mike" for reporting this bug.
    fb6a5df3 · Verifpal 0.20.1 ·
    Release v0.20.1
  • v0.20.0   Verifpal 0.20.0 Verifpal 0.20.0 fixes a minor bug regarding comments parsing, reported by "Mike". It also fixes a more impactful bug with the resolution of SIGNVERIF checks, also reported by "Mike". Finally, Verifpal 0.20.0 includes a new command, `verifpal about`, which when executed prints out a list of individuals that have contributed meaningful suggestions, bug reports, ideas or discussions to the Verifpal project.
    ba250645 · Verifpal 0.20.0 ·
    Release v0.20.0
  • v0.19.5   Verifpal 0.19.5 Verifpal 0.19.5 includes minor bug fixes to analysis logic thanks to reports from "Mike".
    36bcbf08 · Verifpal 0.19.5 ·
    Release v0.19.5
  • v0.19.4   Verifpal 0.19.4 Verifpal 0.19.4 includes bug fixes to analysis logic thanks to reports from "Mike" and Angèle Bossuat (Quarkslab).
    Release v0.19.4
  • v0.19.3   Verifpal 0.19.3 Verifpal 0.19.3 includes minor bug fixes to model parsing.
    308a775b · Verifpal 0.19.3 ·
    Release v0.19.3
  • v0.19.2   Verifpal 0.19.2 Verifpal 0.19.2 addresses an issue where a primitive returning more outputs than anticipated could result in undefined behavior, as discussed on the Verifpal Mailing List: https://lists.symbolic.software/pipermail/verifpal/2020/000305.html
    998b4d21 · Verifpal 0.19.2 ·
    Release v0.19.2
  • v0.19.1   Verifpal 0.19.1 Verifpal 0.19.1 eliminates some false attacks that could appear with authentication queries and improves sanity checks made on query preconditions.
    27755c78 · Verifpal 0.19.1 ·
    Release v0.19.1
  • v0.19.0   Verifpal 0.19.0 Verifpal 0.19.0 modifies the behavior of freshness queries. Now, freshness queries will check if a value is ever *used* while non-fresh, and not simply contradict the query if a value can ever *be* non-fresh. This is based on discussions with Eric Simpson. An example model in examples/test/replay-simple.vp is provided to illustrate how this is supposed to work. Verifpal 0.19.0 also fixes a problem that caused VerifHub submissions not to be possible if Verifpal was installed via Snapcraft, thanks to a patch submitted by Eric Simpson. Finally, Verifpal 0.19.0 binaries are built using Go 1.15 (with the exception of Snapcraft binaries).
    Release v0.19.0
  • v0.18.1   Verifpal 0.18.1 Verifpal 0.18.0 removes some misguided "optimizations" to Verifpal's analysis that reduced analysis time but which also led to some missed attacks. As a result, analysis time is now significantly greater. Verifpal 0.18.1 brings more accurate attack traces.
    5a72b0d9 · Verifpal 0.18.1 ·
    Release v0.18.1