Verifpal 0.19.5

Verifpal 0.19.5 includes minor bug fixes to analysis logic thanks to reports from "Mike".


05f16a70 Brew formula update for verifpal version v0.19.4
135994ec Build Apple Silicon target
612f2ecc Build Apple Silicon target
f2236d6c Disable Apple Silicon target
f2946beb Generate ARM64 builds
ca77eea2 Minor optimization
12947105 Properly restrict output number of core primitives
9e42813c Scoop update for verifpal version v0.19.4
0e224c56 Temporarily remove PGP-signed release text
3f4dad6a Update .gitignore
851a78c7 Update .gitlab-ci.yml
3f10a1f2 Update Makefile
1906d5f3 Update Makefile
afdf8fe2 Update Makefile
6155808c Update year
36bcbf08 Verifpal 0.19.5