Verifpal 0.21.0

Verifpal 0.21.0 brings strong performance improvements due to the elimination of string comparison operations from the analysis logic. Verifpal now assigns uint16 IDs for all string values (constant names, principal names, value qualifiers and attributes, etc.) before analysis and compares those instead of comparing strings.

The resulting performance benefits are quite substantial, ranging between 20% and 33% depending on the model being analyzed.

No change was made to the analysis logic itself, aside from eliminating string comparison operations.


aa52e5a4 Brew formula update for verifpal version v0.20.1
cf659c44 Commented out CPU profile code
447aa90a Dynamically generate enums for principals
0ab2243b Fix linter
576460f2 G601: Implicit memory aliasing in for loop. (gosec)
6928ab88 Map strings to integers for constant names
2a155dbb Reduce string comparisons
df4b1dfc Referencing improvements provided by Fabian Drinck
bc5fba09 Revert Makefile
0a7bf5ba Scoop update for verifpal version v0.20.1
3ecd3a9c Update Makefile
7d3dbc3c Verifpal 0.21.0