Verifpal 0.23.1

Verifpal 0.23.1 fixes a crash that could sometimes occur with models that use the `password` value type.


1eab4a43 Brew formula update for verifpal version v0.23.0
21826a15 Enforce value kind check on password deconstruct
550c3703 Push snaps manually for now
bb3a8014 Re-run snapcraft build
243a0078 Re-run snapcraft build
77b6c2d8 Scoop update for verifpal version v0.23.0
07037f07 Update go.mod and go.sum
4ccdf1ad Update snapcraft.yaml
628b6f21 Update snapcraft.yaml
30f15c70 Update snapcraft.yaml
3702bf19 Verifpal 0.23.1