Verifpal 0.24.0

Verifpal 0.24.0 fixes a bug that could cause misleading confidentiality query outputs.


7759f069 Actually revert 4495b1e1
9b3a67dc Brew formula update for verifpal version v0.23.3
e99c5db4 Don't absorb values into attacker state unneccessarily
a2437787 Fix equivalent values resolution query overrides
e7cf9e1c Fix iterator variable name (nit)
b1d453da Merge branch 'master' of
681831f6 Minor improvement to test failure printout
4495b1e1 Pass AttackerState by reference
ac705e19 Remove Snapcraft support
aa1136f1 Scoop update for verifpal version v0.23.3
fbfdb48c Undo commit 4495b1e1
2b241a22 Update go.mod and go.sum
0e4c9240 Update go.mod and go.sum
84e15424 Verifpal 0.24.0